Away character is permanently Away when Kang is downed

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Fortunately Juggernaut had dealt enough damage to my opponents' characters before being sent permanently Away that I was still able to easily win the match.
I would not have thrown my phone across the room if I'd lost the match, but this bug report would have been a little more sternly worded.
And yes, of course I sent their Loki Away to win the match. Duh! Turnabout's fair play!


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    JSP869 Posts: 821 Critical Contributor
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    Issue is still in the game. Kang sent my Shang-Chi away, I then downed Kang and his countdown tile was removed, but Shang-Chi remained away for the entire rest of the match.
    Fortunately I was still able to win the match, but it does make me wonder what would happen if my Away character was to be the sole remaining character on my team, with the AI's Kang downed.

    Will the match continue with the AI having turn after uninterrupted turn, but never being able to defeat me? Would I be forced to Retreat from the match?

    Would I automatically lose, even though Kang is downed and so the "All enemies Away" win condition is not actually being met?

    Is the game still actually tracking the timer on the countdown tile even though it's not present, and so after the appropriate number of turns would my Away character return?

    When will this bug be fixed?