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Release Date: 01/31/2024


  • Fixed: Survivors of For Tribes Part 1 objective Scales counting only casts instead of any summons.
  • Fixed: Lost in Caverns Of Ixalan’s objective Spellslinger saying the player must cast 3 or more enchantments, while it should be 6 (as per documentation).
  • Fixed: Lost in Caverns of Ixalan’s objectives showing wrong rewards. All nodes should issue 3 ribbons for the second objective and 2 for the third objective.
  • Fixed: Darksteel Citadel not triggering by Colorless Vanguards.
  • Fixed: Darksteel Citadel not being able to target Vanguards when a copy of itself is played.
  • Fixed: Soul Partition various sporadic targeting and resolving issues.
  • Fixed: Threefold Thunderhulk gaining Double Strike when the target have no reinforcements.
  • Fixed: Vivisection pop-up missing part of its text.
  • Fixed: Yenna, Redtooth Regent performing its last effect (“Then: This creature gains Vigilance until the beginning of your next turn. Fetch the first Enchantment or spell card from your library.”) everytime a Activated gem is matched instead of when the condition is met.
  • Fixed: Riveteers Charm destroying non-Vanguard Supports instead of Vanguards (or creatures) only.
  • Fixed: Scytheclaw Raptor interacting with tokens entering the battlefield instead with only casts and copies.
  • Fixed: Saheeli Rai’s second ability being unable to target opponent’s creatures.
  • Fixed: Corpses of the Lost counting tokens.
  • Fixed: VG Sorin, Grim Nemesis’s passive ability giving +2/+2 only to the first creature instead of to all of them.
  • Fixed: VG Quintorius Kand being unable to use their [+2] ability when there are no opponent’s creatures on the battlefield.
  • Fixed: The End not being able to be Reinforced, while it should be.
  • Fixed: Sheoldred missing Legendary Evergreen.
  • Fixed: Restless Anchorage’s Gnome tokens in the Lost in Caverns of Ixalan Event being displayed incorrectly.

As with any new release, if you notice any of these changes are missing in your game, please clear cache or reinstall your app to make sure the changes mentioned above are loaded correctly. :) For more information on these procedures, click here.