Planeswalker Filter


When you go to Planeswalkers from the menu there is a Filter option at the bottom which I find very handy. Any chance of getting this implemented when you are selecting Planeswalkers in an event (particularly when using View All)? I have an older device and if I have had the app open for a reasonable amount of time this selection can slow down greatly. Having a filter here would greatly improve things.

Also (less importantly) it would be nice if there was a checkbox in that filter that allowed your search terms to also apply to the Planeswalker abilities.


  • akira1

    I second this. It’s a short annoyance that quickly adds up over several events.

    Would also like a check box in the card filter for ‘Standard’ cards as well. Something that automatically selects the ‘Standard’ sets or something would be nice

  • Xibvert

    It would be nice if the Planeswalkers displayed the icon of their set somewhere too when you're looking at them. A good chunk of the filter screen is used for filtering by set but most people don't know which set Planeswalkers are from because unlike cards where you see the set icon every time you look at the card the Planeswalkers don't show this information.