Adding this from suggestions and feedback.

I saw kilgrave was up for the community vote and it got me thinking about his powers.

Each one of his powers should activate an enemy power targeting the opposite team it normally does.
So one of his powers forces the enemy team to fire a random red or green power.
Another forces them to fire a yellow or blue.
Last one forces them to fire a black or purple.

If you're fighting apocalypse and force him to fire his red, he damages his own team.
If you're fighting r4g and force him to fire green, you get the countdown that does team damage.
If you're fighting someone that heals, your team gets the heal instead.

You get the picture. This would have to be balanced by cost of course. Probably 8-10ap I'd guess.

As far as I know this is a completely new mechanic, but I think it would be awesome.

Let's hear it for kilgrave!