New Character Poll 2024 - What About This Guy?

I've been playing MPQ for a long time, off and on, and on my current run I have been going for a few years. And I think that I have the best roster that I have ever had right now. I log in at least once a day, and I just looked in on it and saw the new character poll for this year. And to be quite honest, it's rather weak. (To put it mildly.)

I have noticed for quite some time that the game is missing a number of iconic, long time Marvel characters. Last year you finally added Omega Red, which was about time. But you guys keep creating brand new characters while still neglecting to add certain ones that most long time die hard Marvel fans are very familiar with. A few that come to mind are Morph (from 90's Xmen animated series), Doc Samson, Baron Strucker, Lady Sif, Enchantress, Crimson Dynamo, Arnim Zola, Grim Reaper, (and one that hit me just now) Red Skull. How can you forget or continue to neglect that guy?

Now yes, that last question sounds like the title of this post, but please believe me when I say that Skull is not the one that I came here to post this thread about. Nope, the one I had in mind was/is an original founding member of the Avengers. And it boggles the mind on why he hasn't been added to the game yet, and why you keep creating new ones to add instead. Maybe because of licensing issues, I don't know. The one in mind: The original Ant-Man Hank Pym. Seriously. How about adding him as 5 star Ant-Man: Hank Pym Classic with his costume design based on the one in the comics. Everyone knows you have Scott Lang, who looks like his MCU counterpart. Make his red power ability utilizing his Pym Particles, for his shrinking abilities. Use Blue/Green/Black/Purple for his Giant Man ability, whether this causes damage or not, I will leave that up to your development team. And finally, most fans know that Hank was a bit of a Pacifist, that he would prefer to help rehabilitate criminals, rather than punching & kicking them. So use Yellow to add protect tiles to the board, or to help heal his teammates.

There aren't really any on this new list that hit the game today that I am in favor of seeing. I would like to see Pym and Red Skull finally added to the game though.


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    You forgot Wonder-man, my personal favorite. He should definitely come before his brother the Grim Reaper. It’s baffling that there are 11, 12 Spider-Men, 8, 9 Caps, a bunch of Iron-men and no Wonder-man?! WTH!!! A Hank Pym version of Classic Ant-man or even Goliath would be cool too. Maybe Banshee or some Starjammers or more Alpha Flight? But none before Wonder-Man!!!