Weekday PVE events should award latest set


Hello Lu, can you discuss with the devs to have PVE events run during the week that award the latest set?
D3 was on the right track with their setup of Zendikar Expeditions and later Revolving Planeswalk. These events were up to date and evolved over time with the standard sets, where the current Dev Team has seem to stagnate.

Having only Trials of the Planeswalkers award the current set is not good, especially for newer players, and greatly imbalances the ingame economy. Please consider running a weekday event, everyday, which awards prizes that include packs from the latest set (currently LCI). Thanks


  • QuiksilverHg
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    Polls on this site have borne out that this is what the majority wants. Please look back at many previous posts on this topic

  • Janosik
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    Do you mean PvP?

  • Enigma
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    100% support this but unfortunately it's unlikely to ever happen. Devs might fix bugs maybe sometimes... but things to improve the quality of the experience even after being requested for YEARS... HA! hahaha. Good one!

  • Techg
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    I agree with this post. We should see the current set in the daily's outside of Trials.