Managing multiples


With Champions 2.0, I have come to have a number of duplicate characters on my roster. With this comes an annoying pop-up when redeeming covers:

The decision is made once but forces me to utilize two channels for collecting rewards again and again. For most characters, I will make the same choice 100+ times. In an edge case where I might want the lower championed first, it is still a 13 time decision.

Can we get a slot driven "level me first" toggle that we can click on, so that character automatically collects the cover if it can?


  • Scofie
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    Does anyone use the Train screen? When I went there, I got stuck in a bit of a loop. I either use the vine screen or the level up filter in the roster which is an extra click per cover, but I go there for shard leveling too.

  • SnowcaTT
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    I came over to copy/paste my text from the bagman thread. This, so much this, please.

    The game already does the math for you: you can merge a 370 (max) 4* and any other 4* that's 270 (championed). It would be very nice if you could merge 370 + 370 (to 467 5) and then break down/add the extra 4 covers from my third copy.

    By not being able to do that, I get the OP text over and over and over. Often not through any fault of my own other than pulling free tokens I got from some vault: I'm being asked daily about which 1* ascended spiderman or 2* ascended OBW (and many, many more) I want to add covers to.

    I really, really like the ascended thought: no dead pulls! But the choosing between dupes makes the process of applying covers worse than sorting through those dead pulls was!