Support Jackpot Shards Issue & Resolution

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Between the release of the Support Shard system on Dec 4th and Patch R293 on Dec 19th, some players may have noticed that Support Jackpot Shards may not have been triggered in line with how the character shards system works. This parity was the original intent of the both system's implementation.

We've resolved the issue with R293, but if you feel like you did not receive or received fewer Jackpot Shards than you normally would have in a similar Character Shards scenario, please contact our CS team and they'll have a look into your pull data to see if you're eligible for a support shards reimbursement that should've potentially been triggered during your original draws.

To expedite this, please let CS know what Support you would like any Shards to be appended to if it's found that you are owed shards. Note that you should probably choose a Support you own already, as Shards appended to an unowned Support cannot be used until you DO own that Support.

CS will credit out Support Shards to any users that would have statistically pulled Jackpot Shards via either aggregate number of pulls or pity Jackpots. It's impossible to give clarity on exactly what that cutoff is however since each pack has different odds and counters, it needs to be calculated out on a per user basis. As a general rule of thumb, if you pulled more than 20 total Support tokens since Jackpot Shards were active on Dec 4th, you'd be owed something, while someone that pulled 2 Beginner tokens would very likely not have received a Jackpot.

Please note that due to the holidays, it may take longer than normal to get to your ticket, but rest assured that we'll get to them all! To start your CS ticket, please visit the below.