Jumpstart Event Post Patch - Continuous Error & No Matches [Investigating]

Khaalis Posts: 15 Just Dropped In

I installed the patch earlier today, then just went in and tried to start a match of Jumpstart.

It took my crystals payment, let me choose a PW and a Booster Pack, but once you get to the "GOT IT!" button, it just throws the "Error - Something went wrong ..." screen in an endless loop if you hit "RETRY". If you cancel out, it takes you to the match-up screen, but sits in an endless loop of looking for an opponent.

I've already tried to close and restart the app multiple times. No change.

I've been told that since this is PvP, it won't load unless there are new Jumpstart players that have already uploaded join the event. That is looking unlikely as the event is down to 11 hours left.

What happens if it stays broken and no matches are made before the event ends? Am I just out the crystals for cost of entry?