Release Notes 6.4.0 (Updated 12/15/23)

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Release Date: 12/14/2023

What’s New



Craft is an active ability with a specific condition to satisfy to create a new card. The player can choose if and when they will use this ability. Has some cards in the set with this mechanic. Below its the description of the hint and Icon of Craft in MtG:PQ cards:

“At the end of your turn, you may exile X cards with a Specified Subtype from your hand, X is this card Craft value. If you do, this card becomes crafted.”


Descend is a condition ability; whenever a player satisfies this condition, which involves a special support, an effect described in the card happens; this special effect is different in each card with Descend, and the needed condition for the effect changes with a numeric variable related to that specific support. Below it’s the description of the hint of Descend mechanics and description of the Descend support in MtG:PQ:

“When you draw the first card with Descend, create a Descend Support on the board. Everytime a Descend Support is matched, increase the Descend Support’ Level by 1.

If a card has a Descend value of equal or less than the Descend Support’s Level, perform this card’s associated Descend effect as described.”

  • Descend Support
    [Level] - Descend
    Infinity Shield
    When you match this support:¬Increase this support’s Level by 1.

Descended is a condition ability linked to the Descend support: when the Descend support is matched, abilities that ask if you have descended this turn triggers.


When triggering a Discover ability, the player will fetch one of the first X non-land cards of the library , and after that, the chosen card will gain half mana. X is the Discover Value. Below it’s the description of the hint of Discover in MtG:PQ:

“Pick 1 of the first X cards from your library. Fetch that card. Then, that Card gains half of this mana. Move all cards that weren’t fetched this way to the bottom of your library. X is this card’s Discover value.”

New Planeswalkers

Quintorius Kand

A loxodon and mage-student from Arcavios, “Quint” became a planeswalker during the New Phyrexia invasion. He has a great need and desire to travel and explore which led him through various planes of the multiverse. Is now in Ixalan on Saheeli Rai request, to investigate the existence of a civilization hidden within Ixalan’s Core.

  • Leave No Stone Unturned (Max. Level)
    Exile the top 9 cards from your library. Then: Those cards gain the Lorehold Emblem. You gain X life. X is the number of cards with the Lorehold Emblem in your exile.

  • Call of the Ancients (Max. Level)

    Create 5 Archaeological Spirit Tokens.

    • Archaeological Spirit Token

      Creature - Spirit (RW)
      When a card leaves your graveyard: This creature gets +1/+1, This effect can trigger up to 1 time per turn.

  • Lorehold Knowledge (Max. Level)
    Deal X damage to your opponent’s creatures and Planeswalker. Convert X gems to Red. X is the number of cards with the Lorehold Emblem in your exile. Create a Lorehold Sigil token.

    • Lorehold Sigil
      Support - Relic (RW)

      Shield 2

      At the beginning of your turn: Deal X damage to your opponent’s Planeswalker and destroy X non-Red gems. X is the number of cards with the Lorehold Emblem in your exile.

Karn, the Great Creator

Although Karn is nearly indestructible, Urza designed him to experience pain and feelings. He can understand most technological devices with a single touch and quickly create artifacts or automatons without the need for components or materials. He can use his ability to deconstruct technology, but he loathes to do so as destruction goes against his philosophy of respecting creation.

  • Creator Engine (Max. Level)
    Fetch the first Artifact card from your library. Your colored mana bonuses are increased by 2. Each mana bonus can’t be raised by this ability more than 3 times.

  • Assemble Machinery (Max. Level)

    Create a Construct token. Then: That creature gets +X/+X and gains Hexproof and Defender. X is the number of Artifact cards you control including their reinforcements.

    • Construct token


      Artifact Creature - Construct


  • Argentum Might (Max. Level)
    Reinforce all Artifact creatures you control. Then: Your Artifact creatures get +X/+X and Trample. X is the number of Artifact cards you control including their reinforcements.

Changes and Fixes


  • Fixed: Return of the Pharaoh-God showing incorrect information in Portuguese
  • Fixed: Objective Researcher in node 2-3 of Return of the Pharaoh-God will now properly count cards being drawn instead of cast.
  • Fixed: Matchmaking on Into the Wilds of Eldraine will now only include Planeswalkers from that specific node.
  • Fixed: Color mastery for Into the Wilds of Eldraine event will correctly take into account the highest level from the player in order to determine their matchmaking and prize bracket.
  • Fixed: Grammatical errors present in the description of event Matrimonium in Portuguese.
  • Fixed: Objective Peasant from The Kamigawa Run event will now be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Loading screen from The Kamigawa Run event no longer displays incorrect text if game language is set to Portuguese.
  • Change: Cards Chimil, the Inner Sun and The Skullspore Nexus have been added to the Exclusive Content booster from Battle From the Ages event.
  • Change: Regular prize structure for event Into the Wilds of Eldraine has been updated.
  • Change: The upcoming 6.4.1 version will mark the introduction of new game events, each available in two versions: one with a regular prize structure and another boasting additional prizes. The version featuring extra prizes will be in effect for the initial month following implementation to celebrate their debut. After this period, the events will revert to their regular prize structure. The augmented prize model for events might be engaged on special occasions, such as holidays.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Fixed: Blossoming Tortoise gem conversion ability will now count all types of Land cards and their reinforcements properly (we are looking at you, Forest Tokens and Shadowed Bought Emblem Lands :eyes:)
  • Fixed: Blossoming Tortoise will now award the +1/+1 bonus to the Land Creature that is entering the battlefield (we are looking at you again Forest Tokens :eyes:)
  • Fixed: Celebration ability will now properly count Vanguards entering the battlefield.
  • Fixed: Dihada, Binder of Wills now has the Dihada subtype.
  • Fixed: Bargain ability of Lich-Knight's Conquest bringing cards with Mana Value greater than 14.
  • Fixed: Bargain ability of Lich-Knight's Conquest not destroying Tokens.
  • Fixed: Agatha of the Vile Cauldron triggering only once when two or more activated gems are combined.
  • Fixed: Slumbering Keepguard triggering when artifacts enter the battlefield.
  • Fixed: Nissa’s Expedition showing incorrect information when the game is set to non-English languages.
  • Fixed: Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth showing incorrect information in Portuguese.
  • Fixed: Hint text for Food tokens will now display the correct text.
  • Fixed: Convoke ability hint was displaying incorrect text when the game is set to French.
  • Fixed: Wrenn and Realmbreaker Rich Soil’s first triggered ability will now resolve correctly after the player performs a match after being granted an extra swap.
  • Fixed: Wrenn and Realmbreaker Rich Soil’s second triggered ability will now properly add to the mana bonuses instead of replacing the base mana bonus at the beginning of the player’s turn,
  • Fixed: Wrenn and Realmbreaker Rich Soil’s first triggered ability will now correctly reinforce the creature based on total number of Lands cards you control, including their reinforcements.


  • Fixed: WOE icon not properly displayed when using filters in the Planeswalker collection screen.
  • Ozolith, the Shattered Spire is now obtainable through booster crafting.

New Events and Vanguards

New events, alongside new vanguard cards, will be coming with a future patch, scheduled to be released in January.

Update (12/15/23):

  • Trial of The Planes now features LCI packs
  • Planechasing Fblthp now features WOE packs
  • Battles from The Ages now can give Chimil, the Inner Sun and The Skullspore Nexus.