Filtering annoyance

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Sometimes when I'm trying to search for a particular character, especially by their ability description, you click on a cover to check what the character has etc., and then when you go back to the roster screen, your filtered search results have disappeared.
Can you please make it so that your filtered search remains?

Say I'm searching for someone who can create blue tiles.. typing create blue and searching, might bring up characters who have those words in their descriptions, but don't actually create blue, so I need to click on them to double check they have what I want. To then go back and find I have to re-filter, and find who I was up to again is really annoying :\


  • Zarqa
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    I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion!

  • welbot
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    So glad to know I'm not the only one who's been bugged by this! Hopefully they'll sort it!

  • welbot
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    I just noticed another oddity today too.
    I usually filter by star level, then shards, to find out who has the most shards so I can favourite them, but today, I did this, and my ascended 3* Thor, showed up filtered as a 4* character. If we're filtering by shards AND character star level, can you make it so it filters them by the type of shards they collect?
    I didn't realize, and I selected Thor as he had the most, but then I got shards for him and the 3* Black Panther I had favourited.

  • CrispyNewt
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    Great suggestion!