Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#404: Podcast not found

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Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#404: Podcast not found



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    I wish I had known you guys were going to be in my backyard (I'm NYC born and bred)...we could have gotten together and I could have taken you to eat some real good food!

    I'm surprised they didn't hold off on releasing a new Devil Dinosaur until the 3/5 star slot, as the dev could have done 5* Moon Girl and DD and a 3* Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur (the character originally appeared in a Jack Kirby series called....not surprisingly...MOON BOY AND DEVIL DINOSAUR in the 70's).

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    New suggestion for k-pop band for the pop-pop segment. My co-worker was just raving about a group called New Jeans and said they are the next Black Pink. This caught my attention due to how much Ian likes them. Would be interested to hear Ian's take on them and if they really do stack up. Keep up the good work gents! Always enjoy listening to the show!