Might be losing players over ATV

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edited 19 November 2023, 05:43 in MtGPQ Suggestions & Feedback

Look, I'm ok with ATV occasionally, I like a challenge sometimes - but some players (maybe even majority) highly dislike the extra swap design and it may give the opponent too much of an advantage and be too challenging.

Losing is a part of the game, it should be. But I want to tell you that losses are taken much harder and more dramatically under 2 scenarios.

  1. When playing on a team. People dislike losing for themselves but they really dislike losing for their team. This is true for any sport, players don't want to let their brothers and sisters down, so losses are extra sensitive.
  2. Losses turn players angry when the game is not fair. Again, in any sport when the referee seems to continually favor one team, the unfavored doesn't just hang their head and accept the call, they often times get into heated and angry debates with the officials. This is how 2 swaps in ATV is like.

So, when you run ATV, you will be causing your player base to hang their head lower than usual (heavier team losses) and get angry (unfair rules). I'm personally ok with ATV occasionally, I don't have a long perfect streak to get ruined and I'm not considering leaving the game (some might be on the edge btw) because I love this game. I love what you guys have been working on and I love the player community. However, I'm afraid that running ATV (and too many Legacy events at that) will cause players to get angry at the officials and leave the game. Since I love the game and the community, I don't want to see this happen. Others don't and I know you don't.

So, next time ATV is run please consider that you may lose players because of it.