"pick one reward" is a problematic design

Mpq often offers us a chance to "choose one reward" from among several. However, the choice of reward depends on what we already have, and that is not something that we can check before responding to the modal "choose a reward" dialogue. For example, today there was an option to choose among three supports, and I didn't remember which ones I already had at which ranks. There needs to be a way to dismiss the dialogue so that we can go check what we have and then return to the dialogue later.


  • Zarqa
    Zarqa Posts: 212 Tile Toppler

    I agree with your point. But for the specific example you used: you can click on any of the three support reward options and it will show you what ranks you already have unlocked for each. Hope that helps for the future!

    That is not the same for covers though. Plus it’s not clear at all when you can scroll down for more than 3 rewards. So, +1 in support for a better system.

  • Krazy
    Krazy Posts: 17 Just Dropped In

    My vote would be to have the reward be "dismissible"
    Once dismissed, it would appear as an unclaimed Quest reward.

    I have a decent roster, which I don't have memorized.
    When "Which of these do you want?" pops up, I think: "The character I have, that is the lowest level".
    But I have no idea which one that is.