If we're not going to play legacy coalition events...

Mainloop25 Posts: 1,944 Chairperson of the Boards

Then can we at least get a chance to play them during the week as non-coalition events?

Same goes for PVE events. Revolt against the Consulate and Fateful Showdown used to be coalition events before they rotated out of standard. Couldn't you do that for Avacyn's Madness and the Dominaria one as well? Those are very unpopular as coalition events as well.


  • Sarah
    Sarah Posts: 104 Tile Toppler

    I honestly don’t have time during the week. This game takes so long to load that there’s no point in playing during my downtime.

    But, you are right, it’s not about me. It’s about the player-base as a group. And the player-base, as a group, has been beavering away building decks to play legacy ATV.

    AND FOR WHAT? Just to play standard BTP, yet again. So boring. Wake me up when something new drops, I guess.