Please stop having these kind of events

camo Posts: 21 Just Dropped In

I have addressed this to Oktagon before, they listened, and be mindful towards it. But now that they are replaced, past ignorance are building up again.

New dev team, when you ready to care about your players in various time zone, especially those that exist in other hemisphere, please stop running events including coalition events that has 8 hours recharging time.

When you run those events, the last charges would charged around 6 hours before the game end, meaning to finish last charges, we only have less than that time to do them in time, which fall on Monday morning. So to do the last charges, players in certain range of time zone would only have 4-5 hours of sleep before getting ready for school or work / plays them and possibly lose the matches or missing objectives in less than optimum condition since they are lack of sleep or rushing to get ready / possibly be late for school or work / can't do the last charges at all.

Please be mindful and consider to modify your legacy (and future) events to have longer recharging time like Color of Magic that has 24 hours recharging time and STOP having events that has 8 hours recharging time like this week's coalition event. With 24 hours of recharging time, that would be flexible for all players wherever they are to finish the last charges that fills up in 22 hours before game end.

Thank you.