Event Tab Missing Before Expired Time

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Is it supposed to have gone because I did one and it popped back telling me I had 1Day and some many hours left the I claimed and it disappeared again I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that can some let me know sorry if it is I just don’t always understand



  • KGB
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    It's a 'feature' that's also a 'bug'.

    The event quests are supposed to expire after a certain amount of time. All event quests were supposed to be finished (expire) as of Oct 31. The UI (user interface) understands this which is why the Event tab is gone.

    Except there a 'bug' on the Servers that keeps them running the in background. So eventually they complete on the server and when they do, they push data to the game (UI) telling it to put up the Event tab with the claim button on it. Once you claim the reward it disappears again.

    So expect to see lots of random quests complete over the coming days/weeks/months unless they fix this on the server. So far I've had several complete in the background and appear on my Event tab out of nowhere.