WAR Vanguards

FatMan86 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In

Since when are mythic packs with dupe?


  • HomeRn
    HomeRn Posts: 330 Mover and Shaker

    The WAR pack for vanguards were the originals; meaning this pack was BEFORE the change was made for future mythic+ rarity packs to be non-dupes only.

    Rather unfortunate that you have to rely on RNGesus for this pack...

  • Machine
    Machine Posts: 814 Critical Contributor

    They should change ALL Vanguard packs to non dupe, including the rare ones. Get rid of the chance of getting a mythic and increase the price a bit to, say 200 for a rare vanguard? I would love to collect some of the OG WAR VGs, but I'm not gambling my pinks on them.