Release Notes 6.3.1

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Release Notes 6.3.1

What’s New


Into the Wilds of Eldraine

“Sometimes, “as fast as you can” isn’t quite fast enough.”
Beyond the limits of the Realm, the Wilds are the most dangerous places of all Eldraine. Once past the Boundary Lands, you notice that the unpredictable is the only rule: just by adventuring on them truth can be known: if they are a blessing; or a place you should have never set foot. Still, here you are to unveil the secrets the Wilds reserved for as long as you can last there.

Event Type: PvP
No entry fee
Deck Restrictions: Standard
Planeswalker restrictions: For each node, players may use a planeswalker with at least one of the colors of the node.
Number of nodes: 5
Duration: 46h
Recharge Time: 0h
Initial Charges (per node): 6
Max Charges (per node): 6
Progression rewards

Special Rules
Each node features a different event support spawned for the player. Once you choose a node, you’ll battle against players who selected the same node.

Each node features a different event support that will affect both players. The supports are:

Plague Control

“The difference between mischief and malice? Numbers.”
Edgewall is the closest thing to a civilized city, on the border for the Wilds. Lots of creatures from deeper parts of the Wilds can be seen at the markets, but one of them is never welcome in the city. The rats. The piper Totenhanz asks you to see through this problem, but when you go search for their nest, it seems the hunter has become the prey.

Event Type: PvP
No entry fee
Deck Restrictions: Standard
Number of nodes: 1
No Planeswalker restrictions
Duration: 46h
Initial Charges (per node): unlimited
Max Charges (per node): unlimited
Progression rewards

Special Rules
An event support spawned and affects both players equally. This support is:

Trick or Treat? Revival

This month we visit Eldraine once again! While its inhabitants face some spooky sweets, it seems just fitting to have a proper Halloween party, doesn’t it? We have updated Trick or Treat rewards and made a few other changes. Hope you have a great time with it!

Event Type: PvE
Deck Restrictions: Standard
Number of nodes: 3
No Planeswalker restrictions
Duration: 46h
Initial Charges (per node): 10
Max Charges (per node): 10
Progression + Ranking rewards


This release features three new Vanguards:

They can be obtained in WOE Vanguard packs. They’ll be available in the Vault for the first time until 11/28. After this, they’ll be added to the normal Vanguard rotation.


Events and Products

  • Fixed: Standard events not showing WOE’s icon properly at Event Rules.
  • Fixed: Ozolith, the Shattered Spire (MOM) rare card still showing as Exclusive after the release of Wilds of Eldraine.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Fixed: Void Rend presenting a choice prompt for a target creature when there is a vanguard that can be destroyed. Now prompt will only appear if the action to destroy a creature will take place.
  • Fixed: Hellhole Rats not triggering with Rat Swarm tokens.
  • Fixed: Vantress Visions (Virtue of Knowledge’s Adventure) not giving full mana to the created copy.
  • Fixed: Ichormoon Gauntlet’s unintended interaction when choosing ‘not now’ on a vanguards’ ability causing the first triggered ability to trigger.
  • Fixed: Mirrex gem conversion trigger changing gems to incorrect colors and creating only one Phyrexian Mite creature token.
  • Fixed: Lochtwain Scorn not applying -3/-3 to the target creature or making the player gain 6 life.
  • Fixed: Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva showing internal text in some languages.
  • Fixed: 'Johann's Stopgap' is now performing actions in the same order as described on the cards text.
  • Fixed: The Black Nightmare tokens generated by the Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator Tangible Fears ability are now sending the cards to the Exile Instead of the Graveyard.
  • Fixed: Gyome, Master Chef will now cook the correct amount of food when large amounts of creatures enter play at the same time. This will also allow all those creatures to enter the battlefield correctly.