Where is Wonder-man?!?!

So, it has been 10 years and no signs of Wonder-man. I don’t even recall seeing him as an option in any of the surveys. What is up with that? Wonder-man was such a fan favorite for so long when I was a kid. Could be interesting with his powers.


  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
    DevpoolMPQ_BCS ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 123 Tile Toppler

    Never say never! No immediate plans, but posts like this matter and are factored in when it comes time to assemble the next batch of characters!

  • Marc_Spector
    Marc_Spector Posts: 620 Critical Contributor

    I'd love to see him ingame sometime too! -- they could do a 3/5 dual release with his 1990s look and Classic look

  • no1amerioca
    no1amerioca Posts: 7 Just Dropped In

    For sure! His powers could be very interesting. Imagine a character that resurrects even stronger each time he’s downed? They added some weird powers to his more recent iterations but even some of those maybe interesting to explore. One of the longest running Avengers characters (been around for almost 60 years) to still not be introduced to MPQ and one of my favorite characters.