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Hello hello new awesome team!

I've been saving some pink/purple jewels for a good year now for a specific card in the M19 set. However, the M19 Elite Pack has not been seen in the vault since last year, 10-18-22.

  1. Can your team review the availability and rotation of Legacy Elite Packs in general? There's only 1 Legacy EP at a time and with so many Legacy sets now it takes foreverrrr to get a specific set around to spend resources on. Please add 2 or 3 at the same time. This gives newer players a better chance at improving their Legacy collection.

  2. Specifically, please add the M19 Elite Pack to the vault as soon as possible. On our player managed MtGPQ Wiki, our records show that M19 hasn't been available to players since 10-18-22, a year ago. That's a loooong time for a player to wait for a card to be available to them. I would post a screenshot but I don't think this forum supports it, best i have is this link, https://wiki.mtgpq.info/wiki/Elite_pack_tracking. Please consider my suggestions.

Thanks y'all!


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    Quick update on this. It appears that the Legacy Elite Pack in the vault that was rotated in today is Kaladesh.

    Based on player data on our wiki page Kaladesh has been featured 3x now in 2023 and 3x in 2022. M19 EP has been featured 0x in 2023 and 1x in 2022.

    Has M19 accidentally been taken off of the EP rotation? Considering the data this doesn't seem random, it seems almost purposeful, or perhaps an unknown accident.

    I know your new team has done so much so far, well beyond the attention that the game has been given in recent months, and thank you so much for that. But also please if possible consider moving up the priority of Elite Pack details. When they rotate in the vault, how often a set will show up, how many sets a week, legacy and/or standard, etc etc. and lastly, is M19 banned from the Elite Pack?

    Thanks new and awesome team!

    P.S. Ive just submitted this as a question on the October Q&A as well.

    We love the attention you guys are giving the game now. Hopefully more VIP sign ups coming soon! Ok bye :)

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    I may soon be moving this thread to the bug and technical issues page. It seems like M19 Elite Packs may not be in the rotation to get into the vault which if so is an issue not just a suggestion. It seems random but the statistics imply that M19 has the absolute worst luck in the world or that it's not part of the list at all.

    As a reminder from my initial post. M19 EP has been in vault 1x in 2022 and 0x in 2023. The Ixalan set just rotated into the vault. The Ixalan EP has been in the vault 4x in 2022 and now 3x in 2023. These statistics don't seem very random after all, especially after considering the Kaladesh stats above as well.

    I think some action should be taken to put M19 back into the rotation of EPs. Please consider this data and suggestion.

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    Jumping in again just to show some historical numbers. Ixalan rotated out of the EP a few days ago and it makes sense that Rivals of Ixalan would be next. Historically this is not always the case and but it makes sense. Either way, just wanted to share that Rivals of Ixalan's EP was in the vault 3x in 2022 and now 3x in 2023. M19 has only been in the vault 1x in 2022, and 0x in 2023.

    Please put M19 EP into the vault.