Mana Runes options

With the new devs in town, I'd like to keep this one on their radar: mana runes and ways to spend them.

Currently, most (veteran) players have stockpiles of this resource that they can only spend on leveling planeswalker or buying deckslots. Once you have all planeswalkers you could ever want and all deckslots, mana runes become redundant.

Adding something to spend them on without ruining the game would be very wanted. I suggest various 'quality of life' options that dont give a specific advantage over other players that still need to spend runes on leveling or slots.
Id suggest:

  • being able to buy certain exclusive card versions of cards you already own with runes.
  • adding even more deck slots to buy for runes
  • being able to personalize certain aspects of the interface for runes. Like the background image, the color of the home screen, etc.


  • Tezzeret
    Tezzeret Posts: 214 Tile Toppler

    I'll re-post my rune idea for the 20th time. Maybe new management can make it ( or something happen)

    • foil out cards
    • have a tezzerets infinate consortium shop to buy
      • exp boosters
      • mulligan tokens
      • card drop rate boosters
      • mystery loot packs ( chance at non dupe)
      •ect ect

    • new ui art/ backgrounds

    • planeswalker alt art
    • deck slots
  • Xibvert
    Xibvert Posts: 26 Just Dropped In

    I vote for setting your mana rune quantity to infinity as a reward for reaching platinum tier. Then you don't have to see the large number of mana runes you aren't using.