Get rid of Dragon's Nest in You've Found An Entrance event.

Nobody likes that part of the event, time to remove it.
Way too difficult and unfair.
Remove it. Just do it.


    TIMEWARP Posts: 51 Match Maker

    One of the only challenging (in both skill amd deckbuilding) Boss fights left in the game. What is it you hate so much about it?

  • Metroplex78
    Metroplex78 Posts: 74 Match Maker

    I wouldn't mind if it was like a normal fight but the way it is now is too challenging without the right cards.

    TIMEWARP Posts: 51 Match Maker

    Agree to disagree then. I personally feel most of the PvE matches are easy. Dragon Nest is solved also, and even regularly beatable with commons and uncommons. Do you feel you have access to the right sources of information to help you make better decks? If not consider joining a coalition of teams where this information is shared in Discord.

  • totalsiege
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    @Metroplex78 said:
    I wouldn't mind if it was like a normal fight but the way it is now is too challenging without the right cards.

    I know but you can choose to fight a different boss and not have to fight the dragon. Picking a different objective to do changes who you fight.

  • Tezzeret
    Tezzeret Posts: 214 Tile Toppler

    I disagree. One of the only events that might sneak a win on ya once and awhile. I've always wanted harder non ranked events. Like some sort of " tower"or "dungeon" like event where it's harder and harder matches with escalating rewards to the point the that matches eventually are impossible like someone with 9999 health +10 on each color, the most oppressive cards and abilities that are game breaking. And you see how far you can get.

  • Mainloop25
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    edited 8 October 2023, 16:34

    Someone who started playing two weeks ago just beat it with Ral and I'm sure a smaller card collection than you.

    And you want to rob her and everyone else of the satisfaction of overcoming a genuine challenge.

    How about you ask her for help, and chill out on the complaints a bit?

  • Xibvert
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    It might be nice to let players replay the previous fight so they can unlock the other path if they prefer to back up and go around the dragons.