Come join the Horde!

Smokincookz Posts: 251 Mover and Shaker

ManaHorde (all-time rank 55) wants YOU to enlist! We’re a social coalition, hoping to retain players long-term, but guests are also welcome to drop in (while we have space).

We sadly lost a few dedicated players this year, at no fault of our own- with four empty slots, and a few inactive players to boot (once full again), we really need some new blood!

We’ve been hovering below event rank 50 lately, and I’d love to see us ascend to our former place- in the fairly recent past, we were often comfortably above 50.

Our minimum requirement is that you participate in coalition events, with some flexibility for emergencies, irl stuff, etc.

(Our leader, RiverLethe, and myself will be extra happy if you play through all matches, but there is no strict points quota. About 4-6 of us usually go for perfection.)

We love to share and discuss deck ideas, resource management, cards, events, planeswalkers, combos and counters.

We’re a mix of F2P & VIP’s, with varying player experience levels, from new-ish up to veteran.