Post Champion 2.0 QoL suggestions

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After the R287 Champion 2.0 Update I noticed two things that were possibly overlooked.

Please add a "filter" so I can easily find which characters "can be ascended"
For example:

The only way for me to tell which characters can ascend, if by opening each character and looking for the red "ascend" button.

Please add a "sort" option based on cover count.
For example:

For simplicity assume my roster is:

this display order would be:
13, 12, 10
08, 05, 04

Also take into consideration "saved covers" in that count

While two characters might both have 13 (max) power covers, one might have 11 saved, and the other might only have 5 saved, the one with 11 saved, should be ordered first.

I posted this on the "FAQ and Discussion" chat, it got quite a few "likes" but am afraid it will get lost, due to the hundreds of other comments in that thread.



  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
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    Appreciate this post! We're working on a few of these already!

  • Krazy
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    edited November 2023

    Thanks @DevpoolMPQ_BCS for adding suggestion #1

    What do you think of suggestion #2?
    Being able to sort by total cover count? (including saved covers)
    Note: The black boxes with the count inside, were for demonstration purposes only.

    With the latest Quest adding "events"
    I've come up with another suggestion
    Please list the incomplete daily character cover achievements under "Quests"

    Pressing the "info" button could serve as a detailed reminder. (launch the pop up)

    Having a banner pop up once, doesn't indicate whether it has been completed.