New QoL Feature - Search Roster (Live with R287)

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Along with that other tiny little Champions 2.0 feature we're also releasing a neat little Quality of Life update in R287, Search Roster!

Pretty simple in function, this allows you to search your roster by character name or sub-name. So you could search 'Black' and it will show any character with 'Black' in the name. Or 'Modern' will show all characters with 'Modern'.

This is available on both the Roster screen and the Team Select screen.

Update: You can also search via Affiliations and Ability Descriptions by enabling these in the Filters! Example for searching for Gamma characters:

These are set specifically as optional filters so that you don't easily end up with hard to parse simple searches (try finding Omega Red via searching 'Red' with Ability text enabled for example).

Hope you enjoy this in R287!