Developer Inquiry: Your obligation to Marvel for using their license

Hey Devs. Serious question, what is your obligation to Marvel that you have to add, which seems like, 4 characters each year as part of some current story arc for that year into the game?

These Spider variants for the last couple years are getting absurd just to promote the Venomverse and Death of Venomverse story arcs.

How about the other story arcs from other properties? Like Fall of X - could add so many more: Alpha Flight characters, Gen X characters like Synch, Husk; Sins of Sinister - Cannonball, Moira McTaggert, Destiny, heck a bunch of Orchis sentinels; Red Fist Saga - Daredevil (in his Hand of God outfit and abilities), the new Punisher; Captain America - Cold War/Sentinel of Liberty arc, there's White Wolf, Destroyer, Revolution, and so many more....

So yeah, what's going on? Why not other comics and this obsession with Spiderman characters?