VIP not worth for the last several months

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It’s really annoying that I’m paying for VIP with real dollars and just getting packs that are locked to cards that I have all of, and likely to give me something like a 100 orbs.

If you have all the cards available in a VIP, there should be much better compensation. Either those packs should automatically give mythic/masterpiece duplicates, so at least you get a decent number of orbs, or you should be able to roll them into the next set. Otherwise why are we paying?



  • Zarqa
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    Wrong forum?

  • Metroplex78
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    I made a thread about this exact issue, VIP subs now are about getting dupe cards, they don't care, all they care is taking your cash and forgetting about us not getting value for what we pay real cash for.

  • Metroplex78
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    I cancelled my VIP, not worth it atm, if everyone did the same maybe they would do something about the lack of value for money it offers now.