Some broken cards

Another broken card. If my opponent plays this card, and I destroy it without them having any other cards in their graveyard, the game just bugs out and goes into a infinite loop of destroying it and resurrecting it for some reason.

And while I'm at it, I might as well complain about Avaricious Dragon. Specifically that at seemingly random times, at least I haven't been able to discern any specifics that need to be in play, the ability just wanes away. To be more specific, instead of destroying the fixed amount of gems, it goes down to two, then one then none destroyed gems.

Also, if I play Huntmaster of the Fells as my third creature, and choose to replace Huntmaster with the tokens, the game again bugs out and can't resolve the stack, I presume. It at least looks that way.


  • wraszowixuXuxi
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    Not sure if you meant to include a picture as well, but not sure what the first card you refer to is, that loops itself if going alone to the grave.

    (Though understandable if not saying it so that it isn't abused, and hoping that Oktagon reaches out to get specifics)

    The thing with Avaricious Dragon - it may just be able to destroy gems of your opponents colors. Could those be running out on the board, such as if you are facing a mono-colored walker with only so much counting for them on the board. Similar but opposite thing happens with Healer of the Pride(?) (mythic creature from white PMA), where it mass converts until just white assembled gems and loyalty gems are left, and it can't convert anymore, even if part of a creature or token loop is still going.

    Didn't know about Huntmaster though as I don't mess with it much, but can try to check it out

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    I believe that is what's happening with Avaricious Dragon @wraszowixuXuxi

    I think the card he is referring to is Soulless Jailer. You can get a loop going with him and Body Launderer. It can go infinite but it's really difficult to pull off as a human, let alone the AI, so it's probably going to stay exceedingly rare.