The marketplace specials are not relevant


I used to look forward to the marketplace specials, they usually offered good deals with rare cards, etc. Nowadays the specials are a joke, totally irrelevant to experienced players because we already have the cards for sale for example, they also last too long, latest specials last over 24 days! I mean really Oktagon? Haven't you figured out that by keeping deals short 1-3 days and varied you would actually increase sales because the turnover would bring a steady supply of cash, use your brains, think in terms of all the money you could earn by giving out good deals on a consistent and short term basis.
You should take a leaf out of MTG: Arena, they have daily deals and keep it varied that way. Also for a card collecting game, selling non-dupe card packs should be your top priority, you have them sometimes but not often enough, how about deals with mythic and masterpiece cards, that would sell, so please smarten up, your marketplace is bad now, fix it and get the money rolling in!


  • Metroplex78
    Metroplex78 Posts: 74 Match Maker

    Also you recycle specials too much, how many times have you put Hixus, Prison Warden in the marketplace already? More than 20 times... oh boy, facepalm. When will you learn, repetition leads to frustration.