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    Hmm, possibly. I hope at least that Shang Chi has one of those RING doorbell cameras. I can see him sitting in his house waiting for alerts and thinking "They will never get my ring collection, NEVER!" whilst watching one of those TV shopping channels during the jewellery section - wait...PRICE DROP! $50 + p&p?!?!? That Ring will be MINE!!!

    The above explains why he has not had any further super hero adventures to date.

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    @Bowgentle said:
    Once again I see this weird monetization idea.
    Monetization is all publisher side - neither Demi nor BCS decide that.
    D3 sets the targets.

    My conspiracy theory is that D3 wanted to monetize MUCH MORE, and Demi didn't want to comply anymore, so the crew was changed to BCS.

    Hence, daily offers have gone into overdrive over the last 18 months.
    Could be a coincidence,sure.

    I don't think Demi was uninvolved in the monetization efforts, although I'm sure D3 also had a lot of input. I do think that the marked increase of daily offers under BCS, as well as the reintroduction of new 3*s is part of a strategy to change the game's revenue. As I said, I think demi/d3 went all in on end-game revenue and that was great while it lasted. but after supports fizzled and buy clubs started drying up I think d3 got nervous about the long term health of the game.

    Under that theory, BCS came in with a mandate to broaden the base of paying players. They have done with a whole bunch of initiatives like: (i) adding new 3s to make the game more exciting for lower rank players; (ii) improving the 4/5* transition with with alliance event 5* covers, updated feeders, and improve bonus shards; (iii) cranking the daily offers up to 11; and (iv) rolling out new features like $.99 VIP months and $1.99 for 5* shard daily offers.