Daxos vs. Kalemne

Kahmon Posts: 616 Critical Contributor

Is it just me that I'm not playing the deck right, or is the Daxos deck much stronger than Kalemne?
Asking because I went 1-2-3 playing Daxos, but have struggled with just 1 win in about 10 plays using Kalemne.


  • Metroplex78
    Metroplex78 Posts: 33 Just Dropped In

    I was thinking the same, the deck isn't well put after, I'd like the option to use an event deck with cards of my choosing rather than be forced to play their awful pre-made deck.

  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Hey, folks!
    That's some interesting feedback to our team and aligns with some things we've been rethinking about duel decks. Thanks for the observation. We're adding it to our internal materials.