Deadpool's Daily Quest Favorite Teams

Zeebasaur Posts: 5 Just Dropped In

Hey I'm sure there might already be a post for this but I really just want to see what everyone's favorite teams are for DDQ!

1* Node SM IM and Storm
2* Wave BW Storm and Wolverine
2* Node Aries Daken Bullseye
3* Node Elektra Kamala Thanos
4* Node Polaris R&G Medusa

Then for the rest it's just fun testing and required characters. I'm interested to know how everyone tries it.


  • bbigler
    bbigler Posts: 2,111 Chairperson of the Boards

    I just use 1* Spiderman

    For the 2*s I use Magneto, Storm and Marvel. It’s a full rainbow of useful powers.

    For 3*s I like Switch, Cage & Fist, where I collect 15 - 20 purple, then fill the board with black, then punch everyone

    For 3*s, I like Juggs, Grocket, Polaris. It usually only takes 4 turns to win.

    For 3* required, I just use 3Thanos with a 5

  • fractalvisions
    fractalvisions Posts: 307 Mover and Shaker

    Note that I generally don't bother with the 1* and 2* nodes since they added the extra ones.
    1* Node Juggernaut
    2* Wave/Node It depends on who is champed, but I'll go for Magneto, Storm and Marvel if I can
    3* Node Arcade, Cyclops and Thanos
    4* Node Juggernaut, R&G and Thanos
    3* Required Ghostpool and whoever I feel like