Did not receive HP purchase... HELP!! [resolved]

I purchased the $20 HP pack earlier today and never received it. After purchasing, I was directed to the app store to verify my payment info. It asked if I still want to make the purchase. I did. Then I was not taken back into the app, so I opened it. No message or anything. I checked, and I still have my measly 25 HP. icon_e_sad.gif

I checked with my online banking and the purchase did go through. I'm betting the email from iTunes will be there in the morning.

Please help!!!



  • IceIXIceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,554 Site Admin
    Please both put in a ticket using the feedback form in the upper right corner of the application with the issue (so that we have your User ID) and send an email off to [email protected] with your user ID from that form and your PVP name so that we can track the purchase. Either method should work, but just to make sure, can't hurt to do both.
  • Update...

    When I woke up and went to check today, the app asked for my Apple ID and password. I typed it in. After a normal startup, I checked, and my HP are there!!! icon_e_biggrin.gif
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