Ugin's Conjurant has a bug (E-I-E-I-O! Lol)

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Forgive me for the lame joke, lads. But seeing as the current support staff at least investigates the older cards, I gotta say I found another more "positive" bug

Card Name: Ugin's Conjurant
Expansion: War of the Spark
Rarity: Uncommon
Cost: 7
Colors: Colorless
Type: Creature
Subtypes: Spirit Monk
Base stats: 1/1
Supposed Effects:
-When entering the battlefield, gets +X/+X. X equals Stored Mana
-Whenever this creature prevents damage, it loses Prevent Damage for 2 turns and gets -2/-2.
Other Specials:
-Prevent Damage
-Stored Mana 5 (used to be 10 back in the day. LOL)
-Partner: This card gets +1/+1

"Problem": I made it lose Prevent Damage twice in the same game (PvE). It got the -2/-2 only when it lost Prev Dam the first time. Later, it remained as strong as it could be.

Another observation: Managed to reinforce it once. Maybe that interaction interferes with the "protection cost"?

Is it working as intended? If so, please correct the text on the card.



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    lol I got distracted when I sang the ending of the title, I will take a look