Turning Covers into Shards - if you cannot roster the hero

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Well the title really says it all, but I'll add a little bit more to it.

For young players who haven't been too long in the game, getting tokens is always easy, and the urge to pull those same tokens is quite high. Unfortunately though those who surcume to that just can't roster the heroes that they get from those pulls. The Hero Points needed to get slots is so small. I've got an alt acount and it's got 50 slots, and it's already 650HP per slot with it only set to rise. This also ignores heroes that one gets from progression, or lucky placement - there just isn't enough HP in the early game to roster all the heroes that one gets. My alt has about 30 covers / heroes to roster (all from progression / placement) and no where near enough HP.

So, would it be possible to convert covers to Shards.......I know it can't be done for 1 or 2* heroes, but why not from 3* and above? It would be nice to get the full shards for a cover, but how about 90% of the value? So 10% cost

3* cover = 270 shards
4* cover = 360 shards
5* cover = 450 shards

At least this way people can still gather covers / shards without loosing too much of their value as opposed to losing the whole cover?