3 & 5 Star Pairing Ideas

maxjaybo Posts: 6 Just Dropped In

I was glad to see the 3/5 split return after a few years of them not doing it, and I feel like there's at least a few characters who have multiple versions who would work for the game.

Rachel Grey/Sommers - 3-Star Marvel Girl (Davis-run), 5-Star Phoenix
Julia Carpenter - 3-Star Spider-Woman II, 5-Star Madame Web II
Sunfire - 3-Star Classic, 5-Star Age of Apocalypse
Anya Carazon - 3-Star Araña, 5-Star Spider-Girl
Robbie Baldwin - 3-Star Speedball, 5-Star Penance
Mimic - 3-Star Classic, 5-Star Exiles
Morph - 3-Star Animated, 5-Star Age of Apocalypse
Hank Pym - 3-Star Ant-Man, 5-Star Giant Man

Can anyone think of any other decent ones?