Hellfire Gala link doesn't work on Steam

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The "Download Now" link on the Hellfire Gala site (https://d23.com/HellfireGala/) works on Android (and probably on Apple), but not on Steam: instead of opening the game and provide the Hellfire Gala goodies, a d3go.com page opens (https://d3go.com/games/marvelpuzzlequest/?shortlink=omhmrj4t&c=SDCC_2023&pid=D23 Sponsor Content&af_xp=custom&source_caller=ui).


  • UakariCalvus85
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    Yes, I confirm it too! It's not right to have a part of your players cut out from the rest. On steam we already have all the bundles and purchases with higher costs, if you also penalize us with rewards you'll lose us all.