Step into the ISO Consortium... If you dare

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As you enter the lair, the darkness is violently ripped away as the torches lining the enormous cave walls suddenly blaze with light. As more and more torches catches fire, they create a chain of flame going higher, higher than any cave ceiling should ever be. As the torches fill the darkness, you see balconies carved into the cave walls... Perhaps that explains the silent whispers you faintly hear, crawling at the back of your mind.

Suddenly, torches in front of you light up a path. Nervously, you step forward, scared of what lies ahead. As darkness turns to a dim yellow, you suddenly glint a flicker of bright purple. The torches starts rising, slowly revealing a motherload of purple crystals, glinting in the flames. As more and more torches alight, you see that sitting on top of this tremendous treasure, there are ten thrones. Ten mysterious figures, barely lit by the dim light, stare down at you. The one in the center stands up. The whispers of the balconies quiet.

"We've been expecting you."

Welcome to the ISO Consortium!

Pardon my dramatic intro, I really can't help myself. Anywho, let's do some quick introductions and get onto why you're really here. I'm Absol, dramatic extraordinaire, and these 14 folks beside me are your future alliance members and friends.

As you can see, the ISO Consortium is an alliance with 15 members, going strong for 2+ years with every member having multiple champed 4*s. At the moment we have no spaces available.

Let me hit you up with some more alliance specifics:

  • We're a casual alliance, and the only expectancy if that you participate in boss events. We also really appreciate if you do your daily dues so we can get the sweet alliance ISO.
  • As for roster, a minimum of one champed 3* is required, just so we know you're somewhat committed to the game.
  • No expectations for PvP or PvE
  • Our chat is nice, lively and full of people sharing their tips, and occasionally verbal clashes between me and my arch-nemesis Cmay.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to DM me here and I'll get right back to you.

Hope to hear from you soon!