Compensate us fairly (the game is a buggy mess, giving me nothing for the time spent).

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All was going ok in Colors of Magic today, until the last two matches. So many bugs I lost count. Two losses took me down to rank 136- a garbage reward level for so much effort put in (I went perfect on all the other matches).

All this time spent gets me nothing. The disgraceful policy to simply move us up a rank does nothing to compensate my time spent. For shame. What is wrong with you all? Are you trying to make everyone leave this game? This never ending greed will be your undoing, and the death of a once-great game.

No one is getting ranks 50-26 or 25-5. What is the point? You designed it this way purposefully to rob us- I’m sick and tired of this malarkey, now about to say goodbye forever.

I’m dead serious. The devs’ lack of respect for the player’s time is the final straw. I’ve put up with it for years, but enough is enough.

I expect they will ignore these serious complaints and keep working to flush MTGPQ down the toilet. Customer service is at an all-time low now.


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    I don't see them making any changes to this system

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    @Mainloop25 said:
    I don't see them making any changes to this system

    Not necessarily true. In the past, complaints have been made made about the disparity of prizes between high and low ranking players in coalition events... often these complaints were driven by the fact that crashes caused players to lose significant prizes.

    In response, the devs cut the prizes for high ranking players, making them nearly as worthless as the prizes for the low ranking players.


  • Mainloop25
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    So you're saying I should hold out hope that they make changes for the worse? Thanks for your positive spin on things!

  • Xibvert
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    Why does only perfect score matter to get decent prizes? This is highly discouraging..

    Because of the number of players you're being ranked against. In bronze you're not ranked against many players so everyone gets higher ranks. When it's a full 3000 players being ranked and the rewards are minimal past the top 100 then you're not going to get much unless you put up a top score. That's why some players will wait for the 3000 slots to be filled up and join the next bracket so that they aren't ranked against as many players. If you want players who can't regularly get perfect scores to get better rewards then I'd say push for more brackets with fewer people in each of them.

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    How do you know when the 3000 slots are full?

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    @Metroplex78 said:
    How do you know when the 3000 slots are full?

    Most of the discords for mtgpq have a channel where people post what rank they started at when they joined the event. So you can watch there for information about when it fills and the next one starts.

  • Sarah
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    Yes, what @Xibvert said.

    The risk, of course, is that the next bracket of 3000 players might start so late that it’s not possible to make full progression rewards.

    Also, as we’ve seen happen more and more frequently, there might not be enough players to form a second bracket.

    Hopefully, the new devs have some ideas for bringing new players into the game and getting them up-to-speed quickly or we might just run out of people to play against.