Release Notes 6.2.0

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MagicPQ 6.2.0
New Planeswalker

Teferi Akosa of Zhalfir

Many years ago, the planeswalker Teferi Akosa used his chronarch abilities to isolate his homeland of o Zhalfir from the time and space, trying to protect it from the first Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria but was unable to bring it back afterwards. To Teferi's surprise, he was transported to Zhalfir itself after a time traveling accident. There, time had worked at a different pace and merely 10 years had passed for the kingdom's denizens as they were still preparing for the first Phyrexyan invasion. With renewed conviction, Teferi join's his fellow countrymen to battle Phyrexia, hopefully for the last time!

Fixed the issue where the vanguard card Koth, Fire of Resistance (ONE) had the plains subtype instead of the Koth subtype.