Medusa’s hair meddle didn’t steal Luke cage protect tile after swapping

As the title said, I fired her hair meddle power, the protect tile absolutely did get swapped, but it remained as an enemy protect tile. It was not stolen.


  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
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    We'll get this looked at!

  • St_Bernadus
    St_Bernadus Posts: 541 Critical Contributor

    A little late replying but if Hair Meddle swaps it to a spot where there was a protect tile before, it does not steal it. So for a single protect that is unlikely but if it was swapped then swapped back then it could happen.

  • Kaazz
    Kaazz Posts: 219 Tile Toppler

    There was only a single protect tile. That’s why it was easy to see (a) it got swapped, and (b), it didn’t get stolen.

  • MoosePrime
    MoosePrime Posts: 817 Critical Contributor

    In the past, if Hair Meddle caused a cascade, and the swapped special tiles dropped down to a spot that was not swapped, it failed to convert the special tile. Conversely, if a non-swapped tile dropped onto a spot that had been swapped, it would be converted.

  • jsmjsmjsm00
    jsmjsmjsm00 Posts: 239 Tile Toppler

    Yeah so hair meddle looks at board positions that were swapped, and changes ownership after tiles settle. So saw that you move the enemy protect to position (2,4), then a match below it causes the protect to drop a row. You will not steal the protect. Instead, you will steal any special tile that ended up in position (2,4), even if it was not swapped by the hair meddle.