Reward Earned deathloop iOS

elcondore Posts: 13 Just Dropped In

I’m locked out trying to claim a reward. Deleted and reloaded and still having deathloop. Text below

Thank you for being a part of the launch of our Chapter Select UI Rollout. Looks like there were some hiccups with regards to Lighting Rounds, so here are the missing rewards


  • MoosePrime
    MoosePrime Posts: 950 Critical Contributor

    There are 24 Heroic tokens to claim, one at a time. It might appear as a deathloop, but after you've claimed all 24, (then 12 Standard tokens), it should stop.

  • elcondore
    elcondore Posts: 13 Just Dropped In

    I claimed them on iPad and that resolved it

  • DeNappa
    DeNappa Posts: 1,368 Chairperson of the Boards

    Yeah I'm not sure why they couldn't just send them in one bunch instead of making us click 50 times to redeem all of them haha.

  • DevpoolMPQ_BCS
    DevpoolMPQ_BCS ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 132 Tile Toppler

    Unfortunately the existing system doesn't let us drop one big container with all the goods (future feature). Until then, sorry for the spam!