Upcoming Rebalances - Kate Bishop, Jubilee, Magik (Phoenix 5)

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Hey all!

As some of you have spotted from the patch notes, there’s an update coming for Kate Bishop, along with a David Aja inspired costume for her! This is all planned to be available tomorrow, 5/25, so lets get into it!

Kate Bishop

Ruthless Precision - 12 Blue AP
This ability is decent for what it does, but it’s a bit overcosted for what it does. So we’ve added an additional effect to it to reflect the “Ruthless” part of Ruthless Precision. She’s just waiting for an opening.

Added: While this tile is on the board, enemies cannot gain health, and if the targeted enemy drops below 10/12/15/20/25% health, destroy this tile and down the targeted character.”

Looking For Trouble - 8 Black AP
Another ability that works pretty well for what it does, but actually was slightly undertuned due to its ability rank multipliers. After looking at the numbers, this ability has gained about a 9% damage buff at level 5, with the rest of the levels gaining a bit more of a buff to level it out.
70: 1287 / 1880 / 2194 / 2843 / 3833
270: 2508 / 3663 / 4276 / 5539 / 7470

70: 1528 / 1956 / 2323 / 3041 / 4167
270: 2977 / 3811 / 4525 / 5924 / 8119

Because… Boomerangs - 10->8 Purple AP
A bit underpowered from the overall balancing numbers, we decided against giving it the same numbers treatment as Looking For Trouble, instead, we lowered the AP cost which accomplishes the same thing while making it more generally usable.


After her rebalance, she went under the radar for a while. Recently however, some players have discovered a bit of an overpowered use for her Heart of the Team that requires a bit of pulling in. The rest of her abilities remain unchanged.

Heart of the Team - Yellow PASSIVE
Reduced percent bonus from 100/200/300/400/500 to 100/150/200/250/300. This was actually supposed to have been in with the original buff to bring it in line a little, but snuck through as it was.
Changed comparison from “Whichever is greater” to “Whichever is lower”. This is the real piece of the puzzle that brings down the power of the combo a bit. It’ll still be a strong ability for most cases, but instead of a 500 (or 300) percent multiplier, it’ll now usually be a 3K flat increase at max Champ level.

Magik (Phoenix Five)

On her release, she was deemed to be a bit too powerful after some balance checks, so she was brought into line via our internal balance numbers. Looks like this actually was a bit too low though, so we’ve manually upped some values so that she’s more of a threat.

Limbo on Earth - 7 Black AP
This one was the biggest reduction in that in our sims the Demon Repeaters were much more effective than they were out in the real world. While we know people would really want those demons to be 1 turn each, we decided to keep them to their 2 turn incarnations and increase stats to compensate.

Base Description
Magik pulls demons from Limbo to fight for her on Earth. Creates 2 2-turn Red Demon Repeater tile(s) that deal 443 damage to a random enemy. (Maximum 3, +2 each time this ability is used.)

(PASSIVE) At the start of the battle, Magik creates 1 2-turn Red Demon Repeater tile(s). For each of her Demons on the board, her Demon tiles deal 5% more damage. Whenever a Demon tile is matched, two more Demons rush in to replace it. (max level 1781 damage)

Level 2: +3 max demons. Demons deal 7% more damage.
Level 3: Demons deal 465 damage. Demons deal 9% more damage. (max level 1870 damage)
Level 4: +4 max demons. Demons deal 13% more damage.
Level 5: Demons deal 576 damage. 4 max base demons. Demons deal 15% more damage. (max level 2315 damage)

Level 1: 443->565 damage. +3 max demons. Passive creates 2 tiles. (Max level 2270 damage)
Level 2: Demons deal 622 damage. Demons deal 8% more damage. (Max level 2497 damage)
Level 3: Demons deal 689 damage. +4 max demons. Demons deal 11% more damage. (max level 2769 damage)
Level 4: Demons deal 797 damage. 4 max base demons. Demons deal 15% more damage. (Max level 3201 damage)
Level 5: Creates 3 Repeaters. Demons deal 25% more damage. (max level 3201 damage)

Soul Sword - 6 Red AP
Here we moved some of the budget from the Repeater damage into the direct damage, as well as lowering the bonus match damage slightly to give budget elsewhere. Technically puts it a bit above our normal balance numbers, but feels a bunch better this way.

Base Description
Magik swings her sword infused with the energy of the Phoenix. Deals 1107 permanent damage, ignoring enemy Protect tiles and destroys 1 enemy Special tiles. Then creates a 2-turn Repeater tile that deals 433 permanent damage.

(PASSIVE) Magik’s matches deal 10% extra permanent damage. (Max level 4451/1781 damage)

Level 2: Destroys 2 tiles. Repeater deals 665 damage. Matches deal 15% damage. (Max level 4451/2672 damage)
Level 3: Repeater deals 886 damage. Matches deal 20% damage. (Max level 4451/3562 damage)
Level 4: Deals 1417 damage. Destroys 3 tiles. Repeater deals 1108 damage. Matches deal 25% damage. (Max level 5697/4453 damage)
Level 5: Repeater deals 1329 damage. Matches deal 35% damage. (Max level 5697/5343 damage)

Level 1: Deals 1418 damage. Destroys 2 tiles. Repeater deals 473 damage. Matches deal 15% damage. (Max level 5698/1900 damage)
Level 2: Deals 1602 damage. Repeater deals 534 damage. Matches deal 18% damage. (Max level 6439/2147 damage)
Level 3: Deals 1773 damage. Repeater deals 591. Matches deal 21% damage. (Max level 7123/2375 damage)
Level 4: Destroys 3 tiles. Matches deal 25% damage. (Max level 7123/2375 damage)
Level 5: Deals 2396 damage. Repeater deals 799 damage. Matches deal 30% damage. (Max level 9630/3211 damage)

Phoenix Claws - 6 Purple AP
Pretty basic change here, we pushed the damage up across the board.

Level 255: 709 / 766 / 844 / 978 / 1255 -> 886 / 975 / 1063 / 1240 / 1595 damage
Level 450: 2849 / 3077 / 3390 / 3932 / 5043 -> 3561 / 3917 / 4273 / 4985 / 6410 damage

Chasm - Coming Soon
Some players may have noticed a change in his abilities today that was quickly reverted. This was one part of an upcoming rebalance for him that was accidentally applied. We’re still working out specific numbers and changes here, as our last round of changes wasn’t quite enough to get him into a good place. It’s coming though.