5 stars Magneto after update

mitcher78 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In

I have seen that, after the powers update, it would be much more appropiate to simply swap the animations for blue and red powers of 5 stars Magneto.

Also, please note that the passive part of his yellow power is not being applied, at least for protect tiles.


    GENxSLADE Posts: 25 Just Dropped In

    Just to add on, his red is not destroying all non-basic tiles it seems. Just attack, protect and strike tiles and maybe repeaters. Or maybe he's not destroying tiles consistently at the least.

    Either way, it needs to be looked at and tested to be sure it's destroying all non-basic tiles or the text needs to be updated for the exact tiles it targets so we can tailor our expectations.

  • mitcher78
    mitcher78 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In

    For some reason the staff do not think that this animaton swap would be very much appropriate :-(