Kang's blue passive vs Deathlok

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At the start of each turn, for each friendly Synthetic or Technologist, gain 1 AP in the team's strongest 2 colors, and for each enemy Synthetic or Technologist, the enemy team loses 1 AP in theirs


(PASSIVE) At the start of his turn, Kang’s team regains any AP lost from “Destroy” or “Steal” effects. If all of Kang’s opponents are Downed or Away, he wins the battle.

If I'm running Kang/Deathlok versus an enemy Deathlok, it seems that Kang's blue passive doesn't restore the AP that the enemy Deathlok destroys.

- I ended the turn with 2 blue AP and 3 black AP.
- The enemy Deathlok destroyed 2 blue + 2 black on its turn
- Expectation: I should have 4 blue + 5 black on the next turn (restore 2 each from Kang, and generate 2 new each from Deathlok)
- Reality: I end up with 2 blue + 3 black on my turn

My theory is that Kang's blue "thinks" no AP was lost because my own Deathlok also generated 2 new AP.


  • MoosePrime
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    IIRC, I had noticed a similar issue with Kang's blue when I was running him with Thor, if Thor's tile destruction caused a match, Kang would not restore lost AP, but if the tile destruction didn't cause a match, Kang did restore the AP. I think in that case, it was against an enemy Hood stealing AP.