Latest Crash Report!! [Investigating]

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Hello, everybody. Here I am reporting a crash I got recently. I'll try to be as detailed as I can.

Cellphone Specs

Cellphone used: Huawei nova 8i

Operative System: EMUI (ya know, the Chinese one) version 11.0.1

Android Version: 10

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662

Note: APK downloaded from APKmirror page, as Gspace’s Google Play says the game is not compatible with my phone.

Playing with Version 6.1.3, as it should be.

Detailed Situation

Event: Fables of Eldraine (Throne of Eldraine-centric – long 4-day PvE event)

Where did it happen?: 2nd battle (Against Wishful Merfolk)

My Planeswalker: Oko, Thief of Crowns, lv 42.

Turn: I didn’t count, but I’m sure it was Turn 12+.

Used its 3rd Loyalty ability at Turn 7~8 (can’t remember exactly) to invoke the “High Fae Market” support.

[Once per turn, exchange both players’ first creatures they own and control. If you can’t, exchange your first Artifact Support with no mana from your hand with the first Support your Opponent has in hand]

When you trigger any of those abilities, your creatures you control but don’t own gain +4/+4]

Other possible issue: I had, in two ocassions, a stolen monster get the buff twice. First when I took control of it, and second when I exchanged a Support. Is that another bug?

Back with the main issue. I had 3 creatures.

Row 1: Backstreet Brawler (SNC expansion, blue creature, Cephalid Rogue, 3/3, Defender, Can’t Attack. When you have a buffed creature and a creature with a gained Evergreen ability, this creature loses Can’t Attack)

Fulfilled requirements to make it attack as the other 2 creatures were buffed AND gained evergreens. This creature was also buffed by Mantle of Tides (+2/+3), so its strength was at 5/6.

Mantle of Tides was stolen with High Fae Market’s secondary ability, btw.

Row 2: Brood Monitor (BFZ expansion, green/blue creature, Eldrazi Drone, 3/4, Defender, Void mana, “On summon: summon an 1/1 Eldrazi Scion”) [didn´t summon it as my battlefield was already full by then]

Buffed with Tyvar’s Stand at Level 4 (ONE expansion, green spell, cost 5, no subtype, Effect: Give +X/+X and Prevent Damage to target creature you control until the end of the turn, then give it Hexproof until the beginning of your next turn. X equals to the Level on the card. 1 Level gained each time you match 3+ green gems on the board while this spell is in the hand)

So it had Prevent Damage and Hexproof in top of Defender and was at 7/8 strength

Row 3: Benthic Infiltrator (BFZ expansion, blue creature, Eldrazi Drone, 1/3, Unblockable, Void mana, “when dealing damage to the opponent’s Planeswalker, Ingest 1”).

It was buffed with +1/+1 and Flying thanks to Ghostly Wings (SOI expansion, blue spell, cost 3, Aura subtype), so its strength was at 2/4

What else transpired?

Board looked normal, except for 2 or 3 void gems wide spread. Both sides had 1 copy of Mantle of Tides and I had a Selesnya Locket with 1 reinforcement out there. Managed to activate it once that turn.

[Selesnya Locket: GRN expansion, Green/White Artifact Support. Costs 14

Activate 3: Convert 2 gems to Green or White

On destruction: Convert 2 gems to Green or White. Draw 2 cards.]

My graveyard was kinda beefy, having 50+ cards thanks to the opponent casting Venture Deeper several times and Drown in the Loch twice (but never got any monster destroyed nor mana drained)

Exiles were empty, though.

So, with all that, the creatures attack… and after Benthic Infiltrator hit the Planeswalker and ingested 1 gem, Everything. Stood. Still.

I could even see the “Anti-infinite loop Timer” running out… but it did Nothing.

Did the AI bork up because of the great number of variables?

I hope somebody can fix those issues soon.


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    Hello @Wolftelope9090 ,
    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊