"New" Elite Pack Legacy Structure?

Fireguy Posts: 53 Match Maker

It appears that the Legacy Elite Packs have a small structural change. Instead of the 3 rotating packs per set with roughly 10-15 per pack we now have 1 giant pack per set, around 30 or so cards per pack.

I believe the player base dislikes this structure as this provides a negative experience, especially for new players.

If someone, a new player let's say, wanted to chase a specific mythic or Masterpiece within a set their odds of getting their desired card has now drastically decreased. They would need 3-5x as many pink jewels to have a good chance at getting what they want. That makes for an almost hopeless feeling for those wanting Legacy chases. This feeling will likely lead to some players, new players most likely, simply giving up and leaving the game.

To add to the hopelessness it also appears that only 1 Legacy EP pack will be in the vault at a time. At least the two weeks have show this - Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan. If we will be getting 1 of these Legacy sets per week it will take about 5 months for a specific set to come back to the vault. If my math is correct there are 20 normal Legacy sets (not including the Seize the Day sets, Daxos vs Kalemne etc). If I wanted a card in the Ixalan set but couldnt get it last week due to the vast amount of cards in this new structured pack than I would have to wait for 19 more sets, or about 5 months to have a shot at the card I wanted. This further adds to the hopelessness of collecting Legacy cards. Especially for your new player base.

Please change the Legacy Elite Packs back to the way it was. 3 separate packs per set and 2 or 3 different sets per week. This will provide an increased chance for new players to join in on the Legacy fun and you will retain customers longer. That is always a positive factor when trying to run a successful company no matter what industry it is.

Thanks for considering.

If this new structure has been set up because we will soon be able to craft separate Legacy sets with orbs as rumored previously than that is an acceptable change. However, please don't change the EP structure until the new crafting structure is live.


  • Sarah
    Sarah Posts: 71 Match Maker

    Oh wow. That is a frustrating change.

  • Techg
    Techg Posts: 60 Match Maker

    I would agree with not lumping them all into one huge pack and would also hate to see such a long time to see the packs again. I am still chasing legacy staples and didn't complete my collection during the one event glitch.

    As mentioned above, please don't change this setup until we can craft by set on demand.

  • Lady_River
    Lady_River Posts: 20 Just Dropped In

    I agree its not a good idea. I'm still chasing cards from legacy. Most specifically march of multitudes. Its hard enough trying to get it now.

    Unless you do that separate legacy crafting? But even then i still dont agree with merging the legacy elite packs. Its just going to turn more people off the game.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Posts: 71 Match Maker

    TBH for how expensive crafting is, we really ought to be able to target specific cards.