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All spots filled

(Agents of PVE) are a family of 4 alliances that aim to create a fun environment for all levels of players, with an active social group on the Line app for those that wish to join. We are primarily PVE focused and also arrange merc spots to take our other PvP players as mercs for pvp events and T100 season spots or better, according to your score.

We understand that real life happens and there may be the odd event where you will not be able to hit minimum. All we ask from you is to communicate that issue to your command team as soon as you can so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

Available positions

Alliance Positions Rewards

AoP 2 Currently Full T50/100 all PVE events / Max Boss Events

AoP 3 Currently Full T25/50 all PVE Events / Reg + Heroic max Boss (T50)

AoP 4ever Currently Full t100/t250 all PVE Events / Max Boss Events, regular

AoP Casual Currently Full Max Boss Events regular. Rest of the time Casual has no requirements except daily play.

Joining any AoP team is a great route into the rest of the AoP family T25-T100 teams as we are happy to move players that show their worth there, to the team that fits them best. If the team of your choice has no vacancies, we can still put you on the list.

How to contact us

The fastest way to contact us is through the line app although we will try to periodically check messages here as well. Our line ID’s are next to our names below, and you can add us in Line and send us a message as we check that several times a day, so it’s much easier.

Recruitment contacts:

AoP 2: Rocketman1 (Line: rocketman12)

AoP 3, AoP 4ever, AoP Casual: Itsuka7 (Line ID: itsuka789, Discord: itsuka7) ps both Line and Discord ID start with lower case i

Please note that often an alliance might show on 20 because of merc filling in temporary spots. We will look and accept to chat but contact through Line is the surest way in. If an alliance is set to public it means they are recruiting and you can walk in and talk if you want.

Additional information on our alliances:

AoP 2 (Line app not compulsory)

The expected roster here is one that enables a player to do comfortably do max progression. Realistically all 4* and below should be covered and most 5*. AoP 2 is a PVE focused alliance, without pvp requirements. It’s main aims are to complete all boss and raid events and to finish in T100 for all events inclusive of new character events. Daily play is a must, and max progression is required for boss and all other events except new 4* and 5* character events where 1.25 x max is the minimum requirement. If you are missing essentials, or just can’t play an event to max, communication is key. We maybe able to work around that, but it’s important that you keep us informed. The Line app (text based messenger service, no voice or video) is advisory in AoP 2 as it’s useful for organising events, pvp mercing or socializing within the AoP group.

AoP 3 (Line App required)

This is an for players for 4/5 players seeking an active but occasionally slightly more casual approach and as such, you will be expected to have rostered all 3* and 2* as well as the vast majority of 4* and at least the latest 5* rostered. The expectation is that players are able to get all rewards in boss events, full progression in standard PVE and to achieve 1.25 x max in new 4* or 5* character events. Daily play and good communication in case you might not make requirements is essential, Line is preferred but we can work with in game chat if necessary. We do understand that RL interferes sometimes, but are also looking to protect a good ranking. We strive to place t50 as alliance, often place t25.

AoP 4ever (Line app advised but not compulsory)

This is our fourth alliance, striving to become a T100 team. You’ll be asked to remain active and be building your roster. The minimum requirement will be the four star cover reward in PVE events up to SCL9, for SCL 10 the minimum requirement is the 250 four star rewards after the four star cover (there are no PvP requirements), to achieve personal max progression in boss events and have ambition to score more until end of round 8. This team will also accept much more experienced players looking to still play daily, boss and pve, but have no demanding requirements, and willing to help coach the relatively newer members. Line app is used mainly during boss events, but also for easy teaching and to stay in touch with the AoP group.

AoP Casual (Line app or Discord compulsory)

Our 4th alliance which is for experienced players looking for a very chilled home. The only requirement here is daily play and hitting it early and often in Boss Events as max team and personal progression is a requirement. Players in Casual can if they wish merc out for selected pve or pvp events, for pve within the AoP group if there are spots available, but otherwise assistance is available to merc outside AoP. For mercing, the Line app is necessary.


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    The AoP group is a group of PVE focused alliances. We are recruiting for:

    AoP Casual. Chill group for daily play and regular boss events. No reqs for normal pve or pvp. AoP Casual goes all out on the regular boss event, but heroic is optional. It helps if your roster is at least champed 3* to survive late boss rounds. The commanders require you to have either the Line or the Discord chat app so they can get in touch with you if necessary, and vice versa, but social chatting is not required.
    To properly play and finish the regular boss events in both alliances, you need to have a roster with champed 3* or better (and not giving up in the later rounds).

    To apply, please contact me on Line ID itsuka789, on Discord (itsuka7) or pm here on the forum.

    position filled

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    AoP 4ever. T250, sometimes t100 PVE alliance. Asks minimum 70% of full progression in pve. No reqs for pvp. Daily play, communication if you cannot meet reqs for some reason. Boss events focus on normal one, heroic one as best as we can. AoP 4ever uses the Line chat app to communicate, but it is not mandatory to have it as long as you communicate effectively. To properly play and finish the boss events in both alliances, you’d need to have a roster with champed 3* or better (and not giving up in the later rounds).

    To apply, please contact me on Line ID itsuka789, on Discord (itsuka7) or pm here on the forum (EU timezone). You can also walk in when the alliance is set to public.

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    Hey ya'll, ProfShoehorn wanted me to post my details on this thread in hopes to join one of your alliances.

    My details:
    Nearly 10 year player
    Shield Rank 235
    Mainly PVE player. Always hit full progression. Can hit more as needed.
    Will do PVP occasionally. Generally get to 500 on an event and call it good. More or less depending on real life commitments. Fall and spring are super busy as I coach and will get PVE at that time.
    Will always hit Boss Events to max progression and push on heroics to get Top whatever rank for alliance.
    All characters rostered and all that fun jazz.

    let me know,