You fall into the Dragon's Nest... you're screwed

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There are hard events and hard fights, I get it... but this section of the You've Found an Entrance is just UNFAIR

Dragon's Nest is easily the WORST fight you can get into. "Mama Dragon" starts with a full hand, 4 cards with at least 5 mana, Tiamat on the field and an undestructable event that makes all enemy dragons enter hasted and reinforced and when you manage to kill one, a replacement (or up to 3, in Tiamat's case). They get replaced by a "token", more powerful (but mercifully non-reinforced) dragon. Worst offender is, when you get rid of a Green Dragon, FREAKING OLD GNAWBONE enters into the fray!! AAAAAAUUUUUGH!!!!

Somebody out there may say "Hey, you can play Leyline of Singularity and prevent the tokens". Yeah, I TRIED THAT ALREADY

Problem is, the replacement dragons get summoned first and then the "token" suffix appears. That makes the Leyline to miss the timing and it cannot save you from the dragons!!

Has somebody, anybody, ACTUALLY TESTED the fight before launching the event? Probably this event is 3+ years old at this date, but then... somebody has surely complained about it in this forum.

Seriously, this event NEEDS to be fixed.

And I thought that the Equipment Room before was trouble... Dragon's Nest is 100 times worse!!

At least Vecna is a fair fight if you arrive there with a maxed planeswalker... just run destruction-based removal and you're golden. But Dragon's Nest... is truly a pest.